Sober5083r / Sotirios Kontogiannis

Sotirios Kontogiannis, also known as SOBER5083R, was born in Athens, Greece, in 1988, and continues to be based in his hometown. As a contemporary painter and visual artist, SOBER5083R’s style can be described by his distinctive mechanical and formalistic approach, which is deeply influenced by his background in Graphic Design and his studies in Electronics Engineering. His primary mediums encompass paintings on canvases, murals and digital design, through which he intricately explores the interplay between pixels, circuits, geometry, brutalism, programming, optical patterns and the psyche.

SOBER5083R’s geometric creations, while abstract, are nevertheless intuitively designed studies, rendered with sharp attention to detail. Through a strictly black-and-white palette, he creates structuralistic worlds and experiments between opposing forces of order and chaos, digital inanimateness and human emotions.

By experimenting with such dynamics, imbues his pieces with a dynamic tension, inviting viewers to contemplate the nature and structure of their own inner worlds.

B. 1988
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